Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Girl :)

Oh Girl, you just make me more hate,
more disgusted with your annoying attitude :)
Oh Girl, i really hate you and yeahh i really meant every single letter of it.
Stop lahh buat aku benci kau -,-
Stop kay perempuan :)

HAAHA sounds like funny when someone is actually 
want to fuck you but on the nextday, she's trying hardly asked
for forgiveness from you :) HAHA perempuan, stop it kay :)

No need for calling me in thousands time :)
I wont pick up if you just only want me to hear your crying sound like HELL,
your nonsnse story, your voice mcm mintak kaki aku :)
It was too disgusted for me.

HELL i hate you since you said arwah pernah ckp 
" yess ! dpt pon number _ _ _ _, shaz rindu _ _ _ _ sgt sgt ! " 
HAHA what so funny.
I know my baby a lots. It was too imposible if my baby
said that freaking suck word to you :)

HHAAH, Hey girl, be yourself lahh.
No need tp pretend mcm kau tu bgus sgt -,-
No need to be a very annoying girl just to take people's attraction towards you :)

p/s : Delete my number phone in your cell please :)
BYEBYE. anyway, im pray the best for you :)

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