Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salam Syawal && Salam 'Aidilfitri

Hi there!
Most of my friends knew that this year's Aidilfitri is not as great as I had last year. But that's okay, I really had fun with my relatives during the first day of raya. I didn't get too much duit raya and this is so like (N).

Yeahs, most of my uncles and aunties thought that I've been working all this while. But no? Okay? I'm still studying! I'm only sixteen tsk tsk. Just because of your thoughts, my duit raya this year is decreasing huhu. But chill~ I'm okay, lol haha. I don't want duit raya lah hehe. I was just kidding as if I'm sulking but hey I'm not! Sorry I didn't snap any pictures during this day. Actually snap, but buruk so I delete. Nevermind, raya sebulan so still got another day kan xP I don't know what to say more but I'm sooooo happy today and it was great so far. Oh ya, InsyaAllah, I will visit arwah Shazni's grave on third of Syawal with Cindy and Aidil. Maybe, perhaps lah.

Salam Aidilfitri, to all muslimin and muslimat in Malaysia and wherever you are. I wanna take this chance to apologize for what I've done wrong to you in any ways. I know there are a lot of you who are hating me like way bad but I'm really sorry for my wrong doings. Please, help me to change for good. Thanks so much.


Life Is Too Short Actually

Life isn't about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and it's not about how accepted or unaccepted you are.

Life just isn't about that. But life is about who you love and who you hurt. It's about how you feel about yourself. It's about trust, happiness, and compassion. It's about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence. It's about what you say and what you mean. It's about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. Most of all, it is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else's in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise. These choices are what life's about.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's already 4.35 a.m. in the morning and I'm still not sleep yet. Omg ! Why why why? Oh my beautiful eyes, please don't make me like this. Please close this eyes now. I'm so tired but why I can't sleep like mama, ayah, abang and semua orang :( Ish, pity me. Nevermind lah, I hold my eyes till Sahur and after sahur I need to throw my laptop outside my bedroom and I will sleep like there's no day for tomorrow. Hehe kalau dah tidur lambat ni maknanya tak sekolah lah kan. Okay today I'm not going to school I'm so lazy. So what? Eleh, cool lah. I just finished my Penilaian Kurikulum yang ke 2 okay and this week last school. So? After that, we gonna celebrate our Eid Mubarak yeppyy! I'm so excited and I know everyone out there are so excited too especially my mom and my sister.

By the way, best of luck for those my junior for their trial PMR. I hope you guys do the best and give a good answer and please don't waste your time by sleeping during the examination day. Check, check and check your answer till you get bored. Haha whatever is it, I hope you guys can do it and consider this exam as kancang panjang only xP haha k lawak je. Good luck adik adik ku muah.

K today I slept at mama's bedroom as ayah are off to work. I think he went to Uncle Bain's house. Maybe. So, it's be my responsibility to accompany my mom. Well, I'm a good daughter so contohi saya kah kah kah. Okay now dah 4.53 o'clock and I need to awaken Amir from his beautiful dream er Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir, wake up now sayang muah !

Catch ya later k, I'm going to take my sahur as tomorrow I'm fasting.

Everyone Changed, Thank you so much!

Hey, I don't know. I just updated my blog just now but I still want update it again again and all over again. This time, I feel so sad so dissapointed. I'm sorry but I think this is a better place for me to flow how hurt my feeling now, i mean my blog. Yes, absolutely. This post is about my friend, Een. You guys maybe don't know who is he but I know who is he. I don't know what to say. Just that I felt so different lately. The way he attend to me, the way he gave text to me omg! everything soo different now. I just don't know what I've done to him but surely, all the bad one are not came sincerely from my heart. I'm so sorry if I've made something bad, something that made you hurt so much or what what and what, I just wanna say I'm so sorry but I seriously I don't think so I made you hurt or else. Een, If I hurt your feeling, please on the spot inform to me so that I know whats my wrong whats my bad okay. Oh and yeah, never forgotten if you don't want to be my friend anymore, It's okay I understand. Start from now on, I'm not gonna leave any messages to you but please don't think nonsnse or else k. I'm here still remember you as my friend and my inbox still accept your messages. Anyway, I pray all the best for you and may Allah keep you safe. Amin. Just take care of yourself.


Best Dream Ever, TY !

I just wanna thank to Allah cause fulfill my request for meeting arwah Shazni in my dream last night. Thanks to him too cause giving me a wonderful smile in my dream. I just don't know how to appreciate that cause I'm too happy and I can't express how much I need to thank to Allah. I love you Allah. I hope You will send arwah Shazni everyday in my dream. Perhaps. Oh and yes, never forgoten my Amir. I would like to thank to you too cause keep accompany me everyday every night and every single day even you have a lot more things to do. For sure, Thanks cause last Tuesday, you called me and heared my stupid problem thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot cause always worried about me. I'm so happy and feel so lucky cause Allah send you to me. I hope you love me with your sincere heart and I don't know how to appreciate that. All I can say is I will always love you as long as you love me too. Thanks for come in my life and thank you so much for keeping care about me.

Lastly, I hope arwah Shazni are in better place and I wish he will happy seeing me happy in this holy life. I will not stop missing and loving him. Lastly, I hope Amir will success in whatever hes do in his long journey life.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be Strong Raja Eyra

Okay hi Assalamualaikum guys. Happy Sunday k!

As you know, this weekend I'm so busy and for Eyra, Be strong k! I know how hurt you and how sad you are. Allah sayangkan mama Eyra. Just pray may Allah bless her soul and hope our prays are with her every second k. I just can't accept this things will happen as last week I saw her so happy so fun time Ema dgn Syaza amik Eyra pergi berbuka. I'm gonna miss your mom so much cause your mom are sooo kind. I will miss the way she talked to me, the way she made Roti Bakar for me, the way shes teasing on us, the way she said 'korang semua ni cantik cantik lah'. And I'm so sad cause our plan to go berbuka puasa with mama Eyra hmm pfft hancur ):

Eyra, I'm so sorry I couldn't follow you to go to your mom's grave tadi cause I've something to do. But, I promise to you, later if you want to go there, InsyaAllah I will accompany you with Syaza too. I hope you get enough strengh to go through in your long journey life. I'm sure your mom will always remember her cute beautiful daughter. Just be strong and always pray for your mom. May Allah forgive your mom and bless her soul. Omg! I just loss any of words to say more. I'm still shocked about that incident. Eyraaaaaaaaa, Be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong be strong. That's all I can say and I pray all the best for you in your life. I love you so much kawan.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I’ve learned this past month. I’ve changed, I’ve grown. Maybe things do happen for a reason, maybe they don’t. But no matter what, they still happen *copy from my status. That’s what we need to remember. I learned to stop analyzing things, to just let them happen. And if I get hurt, or if something bad happens, then it happens. There’s nothing I can do to change that.

I’ve learned to go with my gut, and that it’s okay to make mistakes because the ones that matter, won’t care. I’ve learned that love really is as great as they say it is. I’ve learned that my friends can't save me from my worst thing. And most importantly, I’ve learned that today is all we have.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Don't Notice This But I Do

I know that you are my best friend, but lately, it’s been going downhill, though of course you don’t notice because i don’t want you to get your feelings hurt.Obviously, you don’t think about my feelings or consider my thoughts. You always think you are right, and i just submit to you because i don’t want a fight. later, you find out that you are wrong. But it’s okay. i’ll bear it because i’m your best friend. I haven't thought of you would be like this. But it's okay. babe,I'm still here be your bestfriend.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank You So Much

Omg! I felt so touched. Thanks so much Yan for being concern about me. I seriously don't know how to thank you for not making me sad. Even though that I'm not 100% happy, but you've made me smile when reading your text. I'm really touched. I know I'm so dramatic or whatsoever you wanna call me but what ever it is, I really love you Azyan Izzati for always being concern about me.

Oh and yes, I'm appreciate all of your advices like seriously. I keep reminding all your advices on my mind every single day, every single night, every single minute, every single and every single second. You want me to repeat that? haha no need lah k. I'm so tired to type them all, but i seriously want you to know that I really love you way much even though we didn't so close. Hik.

Lots of love from me,
Emalina ♥

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ema Rindu Shazni :'(

[1:38:10] adib.nasir: ema.

[1:39:11] Emalina Abd Aziz: Ha adib? Kenapa :)

[1:39:57] adib.nasir: aku trbukak blog kau tadi..dan ternampak gmba arwah..seriously aku rindu dia dowh.. :'(

[1:40:33] Emalina Abd Aziz: Gambar arwah? Tak silap aku aku dah delete gambar arwah. Kau biar betul?

[1:41:20] adib.nasir: aku bace post kau yg lama2 tu..dan ada satu gmba dia..

[1:42:35] Emalina Abd Aziz: Oh, tu semua post lama. Masa aku tengah betul betul down gila. Hm, kau okay tak ni? Aku tahu kau lagi rindu arwah kan? sbb kau lbih lama berkawan and kenal dia. Aku ni siapa je lah kan. Baru berapa tahun je.

[1:43:24] adib.nasir: hey..jgn la ckp mcm tu..kita sama2 rindu dia..tk sangka skjap jeh dia dh pergi tinggalkn kita semua..

[1:43:59] adib.nasir: dulu byk perkara yg aku buat dgn dia..tk kesah la baik atau jahat,tapi semuanya bermakna pada aku dan dia..

[1:46:34] Emalina Abd Aziz: Tak sgke kan? Aku lagi tak sgka dia pergi tggalkan aku sorang mcm ni. Kau bygkan org yg everyday text kau, everyday call kau tibe2 hilang mcmtu je? Tapi takpe lah. Aku cuma terima takdir Allah. Ada yg lebih sygkan dia iaitu Allah. Adib, arwah baik kan? Aku terlalu rindukan dia. Aku mcm tak sgke. Ish, kau ni buat aku sedih balik. Aku susah dah nak menangis sekarang. Maybe sbb dulu aku dah puas menangis. Hm, aku harap kau sabar k adib?

[1:50:47] adib.nasir: ok ema..sorry buat kau sedih..aku tk sengaja..aku cuma nk luahkn apa yg aku rasa skarang..aku tk tahu dkt sape aku nk luahkn lagi kcuali kau..plus2 aku rindu korang semua tahu tk..seriously aku jeles tgk gmba korang kt JJ tu..tapi jeles yg baik..bukan dengki..hehe..dulu kalau nk kluar ramai2,msti semua ada..now,ada yg masih ada dan ada yg tkde..bila lagi la kita semua dpt mc tu kn??maybe kau lebih muda drpd kitaorng ema,tapi kau dapat memahami kakak2 dan abng2 kau yg kadang2 tk btol ni..kau mmng bagus la ema :')

[1:57:21] Emalina Abd Aziz: Haha adib sorry lambat k. Aku tenga search lagu tadi. Haha apa lah yg bagusnya weh. Takde lah. Aku bersyukur arwah sempat kenal kan aku dengan korang semua all my seniors. Kalau tak, aku sorang sorang aku rasa boleh jadi gila tau tak adib. Hm, aku tahu kau rindu arwah, semua rindu arwah kan? Adib, arwah still ingat kita lagi ke tak eh agak agak? hm aku rindu dia lah. Everyday aku solat berdoa utk dia. Doa aku tak lengkap kalau tak sebut nama dia.

A minute ago, I feel so down, thinking about you and my horrible life. It seems that those pictures what I've chat with Adib last night are holding me back, yet I couldn’t bear to delete them. We haven't missed for even a single day to meet. I know we always argued lately and the night you’re gone and really really gone. It’s really hard to believe, and it took me alot to carry myself here, trying very very hard to smile. My blog really allows me to blog and post out anything about you. I hate that ache in my heart. I miss you way too much. All I know now, my life is meaningless without you. All things I do now are all about nothing. I don't live my life properly. I don't treat people like I used to. I'm not like the old me. I know. I'm sorry but to be honest, I'm lucky to have Syaza and Amiruddin here. Never forgotten all your friends. I'm so lucky I got chance to know your friends before you left me. If not, To be honest, I feel like dying inside. I really need you.

I miss the way you kiss and tell me you loved me. I just wish I could save you on the 21th of Oct.I miss you so much. Please don't forget me. I hope my prayers are with you sayang. I miss him way too much. SERIOUSLY. I can't even express how much does he mean to me, he means the world to me. But now, since he's not here anymore, I just don't know how to appreciate what's happening in my life. I don't know how to love anyone with all of my heart. I don't know how to live my life like I used to. Maybe it's all because I used to let him handle my life and I never been independent when I was so happy. It's all my fault, it's all my fault. It's all my fault! I'm tired giving fake smile tired tired tired tired. Allah is trying to test me in any way. I got so much challenges to face. I still got a very long journey to go through, InsyaAllah. I want to be strong :'( I don't know why I think too much about arwah these days. I seriously need to get rid of it. I miss him so much, I don't know how to express how much I miss My arwah Shazni. I hope he's doing okay down there. I hope he's in the best peacefully place. Please come to my dreams, every single night. That's the best I want from you, please come to me. I need to see your face, I need to hear your voice. Again, and all over again. Pleaseeeeeeee :'( I'm tired giving a FAKE SMILE to people around me :'(

Shazni, I just need you back. I want celebrate this holy Ramadhan with you. Sorry, I know I sound bad but I seriously need you way to much. Only Allah know what I feel inside. I laughed, I smiled, yes. But to be honest, they didn't come sincerely from my heart. I'm sorry I seriously can't continue this :'(

Sayang, I'll always pray for you no matter what. I love you Shazni ♥

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Assalamualaikum my superb awsome friends.

Hey, as you guys know today was third day Ramadhan and I just wanna say Happy fasting day and happy performing Tarawih in this holy Ramadhan. May Allah keep us safe and I hope you guys puasa penuh k xP

By the way, My first day puasa, not bad I'm okay but not for today k. Today I'm so tired with teacher's bebel. Omg I seriously can't stand it more. Nevermind, I know all my teachers want the best for us. Today I'm not hungry but I'm feeling caused by desire to drink. Maybe I talked to much with Syaza at school. We talked and laughed much and around 11 a.m. I told Syaza I'm shooo feeble way much and I decided to not talked much and I just sat on my table plus read Maryam's novel named 3600 Saat. Well, not bad. That's all I can say.

30 July 2011 was the best ever memory that I've been created in this holy year. Know what? Amir was spent all his time with me by webcam. We talked much and that day he said to me that he miss me and he love me soooo many time till I get bored to heard that things xP Haha but deep in my heart, Aku bersyukur. Thanks. Hehe boleh pakai ke ni? Nevermind lah I miss and love ya too Singa Laut Handsome. You take care of yourself and don't cheating on me don't lie on me or else. Kalau kau buat aku tak kan marah tapi just that tinggalkan je lah aku and go get more girlfriends out there. Peace Amir YY. May God keep you safe there and good luck for your Stupid Quiz Test. Haha

Till here,