Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Dream Ever, TY !

I just wanna thank to Allah cause fulfill my request for meeting arwah Shazni in my dream last night. Thanks to him too cause giving me a wonderful smile in my dream. I just don't know how to appreciate that cause I'm too happy and I can't express how much I need to thank to Allah. I love you Allah. I hope You will send arwah Shazni everyday in my dream. Perhaps. Oh and yes, never forgoten my Amir. I would like to thank to you too cause keep accompany me everyday every night and every single day even you have a lot more things to do. For sure, Thanks cause last Tuesday, you called me and heared my stupid problem thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot cause always worried about me. I'm so happy and feel so lucky cause Allah send you to me. I hope you love me with your sincere heart and I don't know how to appreciate that. All I can say is I will always love you as long as you love me too. Thanks for come in my life and thank you so much for keeping care about me.

Lastly, I hope arwah Shazni are in better place and I wish he will happy seeing me happy in this holy life. I will not stop missing and loving him. Lastly, I hope Amir will success in whatever hes do in his long journey life.


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