Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's already 4.35 a.m. in the morning and I'm still not sleep yet. Omg ! Why why why? Oh my beautiful eyes, please don't make me like this. Please close this eyes now. I'm so tired but why I can't sleep like mama, ayah, abang and semua orang :( Ish, pity me. Nevermind lah, I hold my eyes till Sahur and after sahur I need to throw my laptop outside my bedroom and I will sleep like there's no day for tomorrow. Hehe kalau dah tidur lambat ni maknanya tak sekolah lah kan. Okay today I'm not going to school I'm so lazy. So what? Eleh, cool lah. I just finished my Penilaian Kurikulum yang ke 2 okay and this week last school. So? After that, we gonna celebrate our Eid Mubarak yeppyy! I'm so excited and I know everyone out there are so excited too especially my mom and my sister.

By the way, best of luck for those my junior for their trial PMR. I hope you guys do the best and give a good answer and please don't waste your time by sleeping during the examination day. Check, check and check your answer till you get bored. Haha whatever is it, I hope you guys can do it and consider this exam as kancang panjang only xP haha k lawak je. Good luck adik adik ku muah.

K today I slept at mama's bedroom as ayah are off to work. I think he went to Uncle Bain's house. Maybe. So, it's be my responsibility to accompany my mom. Well, I'm a good daughter so contohi saya kah kah kah. Okay now dah 4.53 o'clock and I need to awaken Amir from his beautiful dream er Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir, wake up now sayang muah !

Catch ya later k, I'm going to take my sahur as tomorrow I'm fasting.

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