Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Assalamualaikum my superb awsome friends.

Hey, as you guys know today was third day Ramadhan and I just wanna say Happy fasting day and happy performing Tarawih in this holy Ramadhan. May Allah keep us safe and I hope you guys puasa penuh k xP

By the way, My first day puasa, not bad I'm okay but not for today k. Today I'm so tired with teacher's bebel. Omg I seriously can't stand it more. Nevermind, I know all my teachers want the best for us. Today I'm not hungry but I'm feeling caused by desire to drink. Maybe I talked to much with Syaza at school. We talked and laughed much and around 11 a.m. I told Syaza I'm shooo feeble way much and I decided to not talked much and I just sat on my table plus read Maryam's novel named 3600 Saat. Well, not bad. That's all I can say.

30 July 2011 was the best ever memory that I've been created in this holy year. Know what? Amir was spent all his time with me by webcam. We talked much and that day he said to me that he miss me and he love me soooo many time till I get bored to heard that things xP Haha but deep in my heart, Aku bersyukur. Thanks. Hehe boleh pakai ke ni? Nevermind lah I miss and love ya too Singa Laut Handsome. You take care of yourself and don't cheating on me don't lie on me or else. Kalau kau buat aku tak kan marah tapi just that tinggalkan je lah aku and go get more girlfriends out there. Peace Amir YY. May God keep you safe there and good luck for your Stupid Quiz Test. Haha

Till here,

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