Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing You Now :'(

I always gave text on your phone 
People tell me, you can't read it because you're gone
I just tell them you might be gone in their eyes but not in mine
Because you're still in my heart and you always will be
I cry when i think of you
But people keep asked me whyy?
I just tell them how i felt about you and that i still love you
and that i miss you so much
But people just tell me there is no point in still loving you
Because you're gone and you will never be coming back :(
And i agree with them
You're gone but you will never be forgotten
and oneday we will meet again

I promise ..
I pray to God everynight
Askking Him to keep you safe
And sometimes i talked to Him about meeting you again
I wanted to kill myself just so i could see your face again
in heaven 
But then i knew that you would'nt want me to do that :(
I try to be happy but i can't when i know that i won't hear your voice for a long time
I always though that i can live without you
But absolutely i wrong :(
I never though you would have left me :'(

My mom said,
You never left me, God just needed an angel
I even ask God whyy
Why did he have to take you :(
And make me hurt so much
I don't think anyone really knows how much it hurts to be missing you :(

I hate you not being around :'( :'(
I wish i could even see you one last time
So, i could say Goodbye :(
No one understands me anymore
 No one will understands that i will always love you :(

 Babyy, promise me you will meet me again oneday.

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