Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Read If You Want Okayy :)

I need to be alone for a few days :/
I don't want meet anyone except my father, mother and my laki Esyaa.
Absolutely, i don't know the reason why :(
But, what i know is i need to be alone.

Sometimes, i'm crying --> :'(
Yes, i love crying because to me, crying is the best way
for me to get free all my problems 
even sekejap.
So yeahh maybe this is the reason why my eyes looks like
Panda's eyes right? 
Hell lahh, seburuk mana pon mata aku,
aku sayang dia.
Sebab dia the one and only mata yang aku ada 
and dia lahh yang tahu ape segala masalah aku,
Dan dgn itu lahh, dia tahu untuk keluarkan air mata sebagai peneman aku :')
*korang mesti takfaham kann ?

Sometimes i bored with my life :(
So yeahh i want do something best for my life
But, when i start to created something, there's always something ... --"
And because of this, i fed up but i can't easily give up :)

Hee nowadays, i close with my father :')
He's my body guard, He's my spirit and also my boyfriend. Haha
Now, i always share every single thing happen in my life 
even something about girl.
No need feel ashamed because to me, he can solve it :)
He's my heroo after arwah Kenny Kent.
I love you Father <3

I miss my mother :(
She's my spirit too. Seriouslyy i can't live without her.
I love both of you :')

Yeahh, nowadays, i being a rude girl.
Sorry to anyone yang kurang senang :(
But this is not because i friend with 'siti' lahh :')
Shes never ever ever teach me How to be a rude girl. 
So yeah peeps, don't blame on her please ?
She's my husband ever, so i won't because of this,
Me with her = Broken :/
I don't have anyone else okayyyy.

Lastly, i miss my late boyfriend --> Kenny Kent.
But, rindu rindu aku, i can't do anything.
Just accept and smile plus pray for him there :')
I believe, He's always look after me.
I believe, He's always want the best for me.
I  believe, He miss me so much cause masa dia hidup pon, dia selalu 
ajak meet, lepak and always told me that he wanted spent all his time for me :')
And yeahh 
I believe, my 'jodoh' is with him even dekat dunia sana :')
But if not, my dear God, please send me boyfriend like Kenny.
That's all.
I'm not desperated nak boyfriend sangat okayy.

*sorry if my English broken, i'm on practise
because Practise Make Perfect.

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