Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Found my happiness !

Hello readers,

It's been so long I didn't updates my blog. Yeah imma quite busy with my life, study and stuff. I'm promise to you all after this i'm gonna head myself to rajin mengupdate blog. InsyaAllah :) Okay everybody busy and enjoy with their holidays right? But not for me x( How could I enjoy my holidays if only RM20 on my purse. Omagad --'. I can die die die. Mami, help me please.

Okay lets talk about my life. Hihi I'm happy now because yeah I already found my happiness, Like seriously ! Okay sekarang Ema dah kuat, dah besar, dah yakin dan berani. Absolutely, I'm proud of myself. Thanks God for keep with me safe in Your way :) Gosh, I'm happy.

Here, Ema nak minta maaf dekat semua orang. I don't know why the reason but please I am sorry for the kuajak words that came out from my mouth. For all my friends, those yang suka atau yang benci, pon.. Ema minta maaf. Sorry for neglecting you guys and I didn't meant to do that shit, seriously ! Yes, I admit it, I'm neglecting people now but it just because of I want start my new life and please don't salah sangka yang Ema lupa kawan. I didn't meant that. I just want new fun environtment yeah aku nak cari sendiri. I hope you guys can understand what I try to do. Ema hidup dekat dunia ni bukan nak cari kesedihan, tapi nak cari kebahagiaan. Anyway, I wish lots of luck to all my haters there.


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