Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheers Morning

Hello. How's your holiday been treating you? Mine's going okay so far. Yeah I know I didn't have any vacation with my family as my parents are off to work. But atleast I felt so lucky to have my girl around and having a great day together. Like you know, I wouldn't bore myself being at home with no fun cause my dad's reminding me too much about my result for PPT. Maigad, I'm afraid like seriously ouch ! Okay wtf I really don't want spent my time at home studying and watching television, That's totally not teenager's life xP hihi

So I planned to go for a movie with my girl, Syaza. We having too much fun on that day eventho berdua je. We almost fight because she said that she wanted to watch 'X-man' and I was lol I really can't stand to watch action movie and I told her it was very very bored movie. But she want it too and yeah I'm surrender. huhu. Okay, I though that was a vely vely vely bored movie but I realized that I am wrong because I tell you haa it was amazing ouch I like. And and and the most important thing is Syaza belanja wa popcorn wa cakap sama lu. Yay! Thanks friend and yeah never forget our 'xoxo' okay minah?
Oh by the way, is there any one of you know why people are acting so .. when talk about KL Gangstar?  I'm just too curious.Why you guys so semangat la? hihi I'm actually jeals cause can't go out today. Chill.

Anyway, I got to go because I've a lot things to do for today as my phone charger was giving me trouble, haha okay I will update and keep on membebel back as soon as I finish my work. Have a good day for today guys.


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