Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello readers,
Seriously I kinda busy with my stuff and else. Omg! I miss blogging like seriously.
Fisrt of all, I kinda sad, sumpah do. I feel so down now. I really can'tstand it alone anymore.
Dissapointed with my own bestfriend is always happened to me /: Okay nevermind lah. I didn't take any serious thingy of that.

Oh and yeah. Anyway, I seriously being all emo at my classroom after the one and only 'becok' girl come to school. Maigad, please go dai ah minah. Why so cruel Ema? Hik.

She : Rumah aku ada aircond. Best sejuk!
Friend : Rumah aku takboleh pasang aircond sbb rumah aku dah ada 3 peti ais.

Wtf? What the hell is going with them?! I seriously can't stand anymore lah weh like I come to school just to hear their fukimaks merepeks story. Okay chill Ema. Actually aku tak join dorang pon okay. Just that tempat dorang memang belakang aku. So apa yang dorang merepek merapu, automatically aku dengar --'

Oh by the way. Haritu pergi tengok movie dengan Amir. 321 Cinta. Okay sumpah macam geli er er er. Tapi dah mamat ni suka sangat kan? Aku pon melayan je ah ketawa kih kih kih. Haha sorry sayang. Never forgotten my dinner with mom and dad last night. It was fun beb! After duduk en, my stomach keep pushing me to said Nasi Ayam Lemon. Maigad, dah lama tak makan. Er I looked so greedy and jakun plus I cilok my mom punya ayam xP Hihi coli coli coli. Sayang mama ah mama cool mama gentle suka bagi green light. Haha. I'm shooo lucky. Kbye! Muah

Till here,

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