Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lemme Let You Know

To all my close people, close friends, schoolmates and my sister. I know you've been seeing me all alone at school or just with Syaza at school. And some of you guys asking me whether i'm having a huge problem with all my girls or something else. To be honest, No ! I'm not fighting with them. We're just okay as you can see. It obviously explains everything right? I just wanna things get clear. I need a space. A very big space for myself okay. All I can say is I do friends with all people. Just that i don't think I need a close friend i mean bestfriend except Syaza. So no one will get hurt and no one will hate. I hope all the things I'm do now, will make everyone happy with it. Hence, I just need a new life and think about my future undertaking and help my dad.
Oh and yeah, Thank you to all my friends for your concern to me. And like what i've told you I'm just doing okay but I'm just trynna look forward in life and my future. And I'm sorry if this entry might hurt any of you. I'm just trying to make it clear, no offense. Salam.


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