Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He Was My ... And I Missed Him

I really enjoyed spending time with you, even if we were just going to be sitting around and talking about nothing. I'm so happy the day we hang out Putrajaya and we just sitting in car and talked about nothing bla bla bla and you was make me laughing way so much about this one girl with her boyfriend. Okay stop i seriously can't continue this hahaha so damn ishh! There are a million things i love about you, like your nose or the way you smiled, the way you looked me in the eye too. and I just get the greatest feeling when i made you laugh, i feel as if my company makes you happy, and that’s what i wish for you. for you to be happy. now you leave me alone at Banting gosh, seriously you make me missing you way much, i'm gonna pray all the best for your new life there and of course for your study. i'm not gonna stop praying for you. I seriously lost any of words to say how much i miss spending time with you. Lucky, we still contact even you was in busy way and sometimes we having much argueing just because a simple things. Nevermind, I'm still inlove with you lah pundek haha kbye. wishing all the best for you there Amiruddin.


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