Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Always Been Crazy, Always !

Sorry for not keeping updated. Lol! I've been busy lately. Busy setteled up my bussisness haha k i lied xP No lah, just that, I miss Amiruddin busuk gemok lah. Haih, kau ni jangan main gila makin lama kau kat sana makin gedik aku tengok. Suka bagi aku geram kan sayang? Nevermind. So today is Saturday and it so sucked as always. It's not that sucked actually, but hmm idk just that i've got nothing to do lah. It's the worst day ever okay.

Omg! I can't wait for next year. Next year is my senior year xP Oh ya, But i don't think so i can be a good senior to all my juniors haha sbb aku pon sama mcm korang. No lah just that please don't call me 'kakak' okay. I hate considering myself as kakak cuz you know what? I hate being old. Oh actually i've planned to go for a tuition at Institut Harapan with Syaza but because of my laziness in head, i didn't go. Forgive me Syaza. I think, there's no point and its more better to take tuition class next year as next year is my Big Examination Year. Hooray ! --'

By the way, I can't sleep now Oh God, puhleaseeeee! Okay lemme tell you guys, around 3 p.m. , i slept like there's no tomorrow in the couch just now. Wtf? Okay Ema teruk. haha thats why I said, Saturday was the worst day ever, maybe.

k sekarang ni sumpah bosan gila. I don't know what to do now, i have no idea now. Mindless! Bye bye xP

Catch ya later,

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