Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hello Lil Girls !

Hai beautiful awsome readers. I hope you're just in a good condition. How's everything doing? It's been awhile since I last made it here. Miss me? Hehe so ..
Okay stop, today I'm shooo happy like yeah yeah yeah. Ops! Today I'm hang out with all my handsome and beautiful seniors, I mean Faros, Moy, Diba, Dad, Chucky and Tablo. Haha kami tak banyak duit maklumlah tengah bulan ni kan kan so faham faham lah k. Kiteorang cuma pergi JJ Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Eleh, not bad okayyy. Anyway, Chucky make me laugh way so much when talked about our hair. Okay seems like we're Twin xP

By the way, We meet Diba there. Chucky's girlfriend. Omg! I didn't get any chance to know who is Diba actually. I think last i met her is at arwah Shazni's house. Haisyuuh! Kenapa comel sangat ni awak ni Diba? Okay i'm starting missing her now. We decided to watch a movie but all of us was too confiused lol semua nak tgk Flat 3A but Tablo was too cuak we cancled it and finally we watch Senario The Movie Ops Pocot. Haha nak tak nak, semua kena tengok jugak k

Yes, absolutely guys, not bad. Funny movie. We laugh laugh laugh loud and more loud like there's no tomorrow. Sumpah k aku cakap korang mmg lawak. Try lah. Kalau rasa tu lawak bodoh, dah diam takya byk bunyi pergi pilih cerita lain. Take it easy. Okay Tablo sat beside me and i felt like wanna lempang lempang lempang him cause he laugh loudly too much than other people there. Selamat lah boyfriend orang kan. K I'm cool. Enough that. After that, we're too bored and got nothing to do there so we asked Chucky to take our picture. The boys was posing like so gila so jakun k, esspecially Axip. Okay done. Then me, Dad, Chucky, Axip and Yankuro lepak at My Taste Kopitiam while waiting my dad. Okay i hate Axip much way okay. Err --' Curi gelang aku taknak pulang. Okay aku minta maaf balik mcmtu je tadi sbb tenga bengang dengan si munyet ever tu.
Sampai sekarang ! Suka menyakat aku dari dulu wtf okay tapi aku cool xP Yeahh imma collidatzz.

*From left : Moy, Me, Dad, Diba, Axip, Tablo, Faros and Yankuro. Pity Chucky haha xP
Okay if you looks carefully, I didn't seems like am junior right? hihi

Okay catch ya later babe, Im gonna miss all my cool gempak seniors like seriously. Much love from Ema.


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