Monday, July 25, 2011

Rumors Are All Around Us

Nothing to say just that I'm happy with Syaza and Mardhiya at school. We talked much and laugh loudly like there's no day for tomorrow. Haha actually, I miss spending my time with both my Gorilla as last week I didn't come to school. But today, we try loving2, sharing2, loughing2 and caring2 each other. Wtf? My words, Sorry. Dear my one and only God, please bless both of them with all your loves. Amin.

Anyway, today at home I've got nothing to do. I don't know why today my eyes sooo fresh. I'm too bored nowplus I'm so exasperate with my boyfriend. He didn't leave any of msgs to me till now. Omg! Please take me to somewhere lah I can die or being all emo at my room while waiting his text.Haih, Nevermind lah. Kalau kau ingat aku, pandai lah kau msg aku nanti k. Just that malas nak paksa paksa. I didn't take any of serious thingy of that cuz am ready for what will happen soon. K lah close story lah.

Nothing much to say, I just miss my late boyfriend badly. B, forgive me for not visiting you again and again lately I was busy with my stuff and all kind of works. Plus, Syaza was busy too. I will not stop praying may Allah keep you safe and rest in peace B.

K, till here. I need to go to Speedmart now as Mardhiya was warned to me to buy her Peanut Butter Cream Biscuit. Bye Bye ^^


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