Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is It Great?

Hai and Assalamualaikum people!

I know I rarely post entries these days. I was way too tired of school so I didn't get the chance to go online like I used to plus Ayah selalu bawak laptop. So like yeah, I'm sorry my followers. I'll try to keep my blog updated after this. Jangan lah nangis. Hehe

Um, I'm still trying my hardest and smartest way to catch up things back. I'm now seriously way too busy with homeworks that trying to burn myself! K I lied xP Like seriously, I hate to study, but what can I do. It's all for my damn future -_- This week habiskan masa dgn lots of fun with all my classmates, my boyfriend, Syaza, Cindy and those yang lain.

15 September 2011 I've some event that I need to attended so yeah I went there with Syaza and around 1.00 p.m. Aidil fetch me up with Syaza and Cindy and we decided to go to arwah Shazni's grave so we made it, Yay! Thank you so much Aidil Cindy and Syaza for accompanied me and most thankyou to Aidil for making me so sad and you're so cruel haha but it's okaay lah. Never forgotten, to Syaza and Cindy sbb bacakan Yaasin untuk arwah Shazni. I'm so sad sbb tak dapat bacakan Yaasin but it's okay still got another daaaaaay. I'm so happy at last I can visit him :)
Lepastu kiteorang pergi Pak Li makan byk byk dengar Aidil punya cerita dengar Aidil dgn Cindy bergaduh dengar Aidil buat lawak haha k I'm so happy that day, Thankyou so much guys!
I ate Asam Laksa and it was yummy ;P Kay now aku bengang gila. Abg aku ni time ni lah nak main game digimon lah nenekmon lah eeeeeee! I've a lot more things to share ah please ah don't disturb me by now :'( Hmm k lah catch ya later.

Lots of love,

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