Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku :'( You guys have no idea how much I miss both of them. yknow?! BOTH OF THEM!

Muhammad Syahiran Alfian,

I'm deeply missing him, like seriously. The way he smiled at me, the way he talked to me, the way he entertained me in so many ways, I don't think I'll forget those. I think about him too much these days and still got no idea why am I feeling so so and so sad these days. I miss him way too much, only Allah knows how I feel deep inside my heart. I can say that November and December are the worst months that I've live in. Although I know him for a very short period, I don't think he can't be replaced by any other guy cause he changed the whole things in me. But, yes I know I can't say anything about this. I don't know who am I meant to be with, its hurt to accept other guy to be in my life after arwah Shazni. Mmhhmm.. I miss you Ciran.

Muhammad Shazni Samsol,

All I can say is, I need him back!! Indeed! Please tell me how to live without you, sayang? Please! I don't know why I cry too much at nights and I don't easily fall asleep lately. Banyak sangat benda fikir. I can't stop reminding all memories we had together. I really really need you sayang, Really am :'(

Sorry if this statement might hurt those people yang berkaitan. You guys can say whatever pon, but just please know I didn't mean to hurt you guys or anyone. I am too weak right now. Yes I do smile, I do laugh infront of people but inside, only Allah knows :'( I'm not lying! I wish theres anyone out there know how hurt my feelings and how weak I am right now.
I seriously can't continue this. I'm sorry. I don't wanna cry again :(


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