Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Been Awhile :)

I've been quite dissapointed with my life lately, It has been full of tears. But I believe that those hard assumptions I've been dealing with happen for a reason, InsyaAllah. And Allah knows whats the best for His creatures. Sumpah tak tipu, dugaan datang tk berhenti. Dah tak tahan sangat but I just know myself well and I won't do stupid things that'll just hurt myself. I just won't! May I'll be okay with these hard things..

Ammagadd! I never thought that time would fly this fast. I mean, look at the calender! Zzzz There's only a few weks more than sekolah pon dah start and shit I hate being 17 y/o dengan Spm segala bagai. Mmhhmmm. And what am I doing? Sitting on the chair, eating much foods, watching tv and watching stupid parody videos on Youtube. Goddamn social networks are always the major disturbance. Am I wrong?

2011 is going to an end already. I don't want it to end that fast because I myself don't even know if I'm going to be this strong after this. This beautiful month has been treating me so hard. But I believe that everythings happens for a reason. On the happy side, I thank Allah for presence Mom Dad Kakyong and Kakeca with me. Idk why even I have my bestfriend, but Its hard for me to share everything with her. Sorry to say, she changed a lots! She didnt realise that but I do. I dont even know what the hell is wrong with her but all I can say is she changed a lots and I hate when someone copy all my style! Either fashion or lifestyle. Everything seems same with me :< I'm not going to get angry but just that, pls being yourself okay? Ily, hmmm. Dear my bestfriend, If you read this, pls jangan kecil hati or apa apa. I just wanna things get clear! Oh by the way, Kakyong slept over at my place for two nights! Haha and all I can say is, my other halves are way too good to cheer me up when I'm in a bad situation with some particular stuffs. I love her two bits yknoooooooow?! Then, we have our own plan for next Tuesday yepppiii! *evil. Hehe I babbler too much lah, bukan ada orang baca pon but it's okay :>
Till here,

Ema Aziz ♥

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