Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray !

Hello. Aaa Sunday, slow down please. Why so fast haa. I don't want go to sch tomorromw lah like seriously oh. I'll rather being bored at home than need to see all my friends's face. I don't know why I'm acting so evil by saying that but seriously haa I tell you I hate my classmates except Mariam and Fitri. Okay I don't want talk about this lah. This thing seriously make me feel so malas so menyampah.

Anyway, I just wanna share something. Yesterday night was fun I'm hanging out melepak with both my sisters, Kak Eca and Yong. Omg! I really miss Kak Eca so effin' much. Long time we didn't lepak together and share about fashion style right? Yeah I understand that you need to work hard to buy a car. Hihi So then later we can rock our body yeah coooool mannnn. Yesterday we ate roti canai as Yong was hanker to eat that. So I suggest to them to go to Tasbeeh Bistro as the roti canai was too delicious. I bet you guys will say the same thing xP Okay actually we planned to go to Kl that night with Yong's boyfriend but I'm too tired plus I bet my dad will say No. Huu, sorry girls. I cant join you guys last night. Then they send me home around 11.00 p.m. and I wish my dad was sleep already and perhaps, so that I didn't need to answer all his questions. Hihik. Unfortunately guys, I saw my dad was waiting for me at the door and I felt so afraid and I just lost any of words to say so I gave him a big smile. Tehee xP I changed my clothes and layed my body on my sweet bed as I need to reply someone's text. We text as usual and both of us was too bored for tomorrow, I mean today. He asked me to accompany him to watch a Kl Gangstar's movie. I was like lol and not so sure whether I can go or I just give him a big saddest. Haha. Omg! I really want to watch that movie but I'm not sure yet lah. Perhaps I can accompany him.

By the way, today is Sunday and actually I planned with Syaza to go to Arwah Shazni's grave as I didn't go there for a long time. But I was period. Seriously I hate this stupid thingy! But it's okay and nevermind because still got another day kann Ema? Wah, banyaknya Ema membebel harini. Hee see the leg lah. Okay that's all for today. Wish you guys superb great Sunday and have fun!


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