Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Beginning

I woke up early today. I woke up with my head feels so heavy. I tried to sleep again but my eyes refused it. So I get up and take my laptop. Nak mandi pon masih awal. Sojuk lah. Actually before tidur tadi Ema nangis-nangis. I have such a huge problem but I can't tell you guys how's my problem looks like. Let me handle it by myself and I know I can. Okay today is Monday like you know, I don't want go to school because seriously I'm not in mood and I'm sho malas plus I need to accompany my mom tomorrow morning. I don't know what place but as a great good daughter, I just follow her. 

Okay, Ema cuma nak cakap. Ema taknak musuh dengan siapa siapa lagi. So, Fanny, I'm sorry for all the words and I'm forgive you. I hope you can accept my sincere appologise. Hence, I've deleted all the stupid thingy and I don't want to hear about that anymore. Sorry for being all emo to you. I hope this is the last time we argued because of arwah Shazni. Well, Apek's words was so true! 'selagi aku ada sifat dendam, gentle arwah tak tenang and maybe arwah kecewa dgn sikap aku' . That's was so true and I really want to thank to you because remind me about that. Like you know, I'm just too dissapointed and people know how much I love arwah Shazni. I know arwah Shazni love both of us and we should accept the fate and pray the best for him. Perhaps hes in better place now. Okay end story lah malas cerita panjang panjang.


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